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The Will to Love by Selene Chardou COVER REVEAL

The Will to Love Cover
“I wasn’t looking for love, only a good time and a way to tour the world with a rock band when he came along and hit me like a hurricane. Nothing could have prepared for me for the complexity that was Will Cullen. He hid a secret that would devour me whole and spit me out. The only problem I had was how did I let go when I decided to give my heart to the very man I would never be able to control and who would always be just beyond my reach?” – Laurel Munsen
Will Cullen has always been comfortable in his own skin, even it was behind the scenes as the bass player for Scarlet Fever. He’s always known he was gay and accepted his sexuality even if he couldn’t be out and proud as a member of one of the most popular rock bands in the world. Laurel was supposed to be a diversion, a beard to hide behind while he and his lover, drummer Grant MacMullen, continued their hot and heavy relationship. Grant breaks his heart and admits there can never be a future between them. It is Laurel who picks up the pieces and although he knows what they have together is wrong and conforming to society’s standards of what love supposed to be, how can he rectify his strong attraction and desire for men while he is falling in love with a woman? Both Laurel and Will learn the fluidity of human emotions and together, they gather the strength and courage to live life, understand each other and love with heart, body, mind and soul. Note: This story is about a homosexual man who happens to fall in love with a heterosexual woman but it does not negate his homosexual status nor is the author implying sexuality is a choice; rather that most of the time, we don’t and cannot choose the person we fall in love with and decide to give our heart and soul.
Meet Selene
Selene Chardou is a world traveler and the alter-ego of Elle Chardou.
Ms. Chardou’s writing is all about hot romance and exciting times with the wild, damaged, out of control and/or rich and famous set in the New Adult realm.
She is currently working on The Will to Love, the second novel in the Scarlet Fever Series, which chronicles the relationship of Will Cullen and Laurel Munsen. She is also working on Deadly Seduction, the first novel in The Rough Riders series, which chronicles the issues between three Motorcycle Clubs, and various criminal elements in the tri-city area of Reno, Lake Tahoe and Carson City in Northern Nevada.
Ms. Chardou has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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An Unplanned Lesson by Beth Rinyu Blog Tour

Nicole Morgan, the new second grade teacher at Pineview Elementary school, has it all together in the classroom; it’s her personal life that she can’t find peace with. Unable to let go of the guilt that she is harboring from her past, she punishes herself by running from all potential relationships.
Her patience is put to the test when Dailan O’Maley the obnoxious but very sexy uncle of one of her students enters her life. She slowly cracks away at Dailan’s crude, crass exterior when they are forced to work together for the sake of his nephew. The two of them learn a lesson in love that neither had planned as they discover that the guilt they are hiding deep inside isn’t the only thing they have in common. Unbeknownst to her, he holds more than just the key to her heart.

Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen - or in today's world a touch of the keyboard.
My life is not as interesting as my books or the characters in them, but then again whose life is? I was born and have lived in New Jersey my whole life. I'm a mom of twin teenage boys, a teenage stepson, a crazy Border Collie and a cat with an identity crisis! I guess you can say writing is my form of Calgon! I am married to a wonderful guy - but we'll keep that between us, I don't want him getting a big head!

"An Unplanned Life" the sequel/prequel to "An Unplanned Lesson" will be releasing on 11/7/13 and I already have a vested interest in the characters of my next novel  "A Cry For Hope" releasing some time in 2014.....stay tuned for details!

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Teaser one:
The waitress came over to take our order and I couldn’t help but notice Dailan checking her out when she walked away. “You know that’s just wrong,” I commented.
“What?” he asked, clearly aware to what I was referring.
“The way you look at women like they’re sex objects.”
He rolled his eyes at me. “You know,I like that girl that I met at the bar that night better than the uptight school teacher.”
“Good, ‘cause that girl that you met in the bar doesn’t exist,” I said.
“Oh I betcha if that girl had a few drinks she would come back out,” he said with a smirk.
I looked over, forgetting that Ryan was even there. He was coloring the picture on the back of his placemat, not paying any mind to the bantering going on between me and his uncle. I picked up a crayon and began coloring with him in an effort not to make any more conversation with his uncle. I finally looked up when I could feel him staring at me.
“What?” I asked in annoyance.
He was laughing and trying to play innocent. I had to admit that he looked absolutely adorable at that particular moment with his cute boyish grin.
“Why are you staring at me?” I asked.
“Because I think you’re hot,” he said as he chewed on his straw and his smile became even wider. Ryan started to giggle, never taking his eyes from his coloring.
I pursed my lips and shook my head. “What, are you twelve?” His only response was the arrogant smirk that I had become so acquainted with over the past few months. “You know what – why did I even agree to come out with you tonight? Oh wait—that’s right, I didn’t agree, you just took it upon yourself to barge into my classroom and demand that I go,” I said, not finding any humor in his immature behavior.
“Do you always take demands like that from a man, darlin’? If so, I think I need to get you in the bedroom,” he said as he rubbed the scruff on his cheek.
I couldn’t take his obnoxious behavior anymore. I shook my head and shot him a dirty look before giving him a swift kick in the knee.
“Ouch, that wasn’t very nice,” he said as he rubbed his knee under the table.
“Keep it up and I’ll aim just a little higher.”
“Then that would be your loss.”
“Oh, I’m sure it wouldn’t be,” I snapped.
Ryan seemed unfazed by it all as he continued to color. I realized now exactly where Ryan got his colorful vocabulary - from the immature, arrogant male chauvinist sitting across from me. Did I mention incredibly sexy as well?

Teaser #2
I sat at my desk, waiting for my students to pile in. Monday morning at 8:58 am had to be the most dreaded time of the week for any teacher. I got up to greet the children as they started to arrive with the walkers/car riders first, then each individual busload. The silence that filled the air just a few short moments ago was now filled with laughter, gasps, singing, and every other sound in between.
I paid particular attention to Ryan, who came walking in with Kyle, another little boy in my class with whom Ryan was becoming close friends. It made me happy to see Ryan starting to form relationships with his classmates. He was looking absolutely adorable wearing a black ski jacket and a black winter hat. He was bogged down by his backpack and another bag that he was holding in his hand. He walked over to my desk, quickly taking the backpack off his back. I grabbed the other bag that he was holding to help him out.
“These are for you,” he said, pointing to the bag.
I looked at him, puzzled, as I opened the bag to find two cookie tins. I slowly removed the lid from one of the tins to find layers of perfectly formed gingerbread men, with all their body parts intact.
“Did you make these, Ryan?” I asked with a smile.
He nodded, looking very proud of himself. “Well, me and my uncle did.” He sighed as if he was displeased with something.
“What’s wrong, Ryan?”
“Miss Morgan, my uncle said a lot of words on the inappropriate list yesterday when he was making those. I tried to remind him every time, but then he burnt his hand when he took them out of the oven and he started saying words that I never even heard before,  but I think they were inappropriate. I told him to use the potholder, but he doesn’t listen.”
I smiled and shook my head just imagining the words that were spewing from his mouth.
“Miss Morgan, is that f-word still inappropriate when you say Mother before it?”
I looked at Ryan and nodded.
“Oh, then he really did say a lot of inappropriate things,” Ryan said with disappointment.

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Slave to Passion by Sarah O'Rourke


Join the newest couple at The Estate...a hedonistic escape that caters to the elite and privileged, mingling decadence with delicious depravity.  

Madison Laurant conquers the world in the courtroom...but only knows repression in the bedroom.  Her desires are barely contained under the surface, just waiting to be stoked and fanned into a raging inferno by the one man brave enough to brave her defenses...her law partner, Hunter DeLuca.

Slave to Passion is graphic erotica mixed with a steamy, romantic plot that will keep you begging for more!

Author Bio

Sarah O'Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who bonded over their passion for romantic fiction and erotica. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, Kentucky, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands...and writing about love in every way possible.

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This is the tour-wide giveaway code and link with three available prizes.

First Prize $25.00 Amazon giftcard Second Prize a set of all 6 of Sarah’s available ebooks Third Prize ebook copy of The Estate and Slave to Passion

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Playlist for The Estate by Sarah O’Rourke
Get Off – Prince
Cream– Prince
Push It – Salt n Pepa
Shake it Off – Florence and the Machine
Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leopard

Playlist for Slave to Passion by Sarah O’Rourke
Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
Demons – Imagine Dragons
Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
Fallen Angel – Poison
Amazing – Aerosmith

Excerpts (Please choose one)

Option one-
“Just kiss me, Madison,” Hunt suggested huskily, pressing his aroused body against hers.  “If you don’t feel anything, we’ll pretend this conversation of ours never happened.”
“Really?” Madison breathed, his lips so close to hers she could almost taste him.
“Really,” he whispered back, his lips grazing hers as his body tightened painfully, reminding him exactly how long it had been since he’d held a warm, willing woman against him.  Quickly covering her mouth with his, he captured her soft moan as he aggressively thrust his tongue against hers.  Weaving his fingers through her silky hair, he drew her closer, angling his head to deepen their kiss.
Burying her fingers in his shirt as she returned his kiss, she sighed as his tongue twirled around hers and danced sensuously inside her mouth.  God, he tasted like heaven, a blend of coffee and male, intoxicating her as surely as any bottle of wine ever had.  It was heady and sinful, this power he wielded over her.  She felt his arms tighten, and her body automatically softened around his, her soft curves cradling his hard ridges.
“Oh, damn,” she whispered breathlessly when he released her lips long enough to form coherent thought.  Already, his mouth had descended against her neck, his touch blazing a path of destruction against her painstakingly-honed self-control.  Her mind did battle with her body as he bit gently at her throat and stroked her heavy breast with one capable hand.
Belatedly, she realized that this war had been won as soon as he had set his lips to hers.

Bonus! Teaser from WIP – Stranded in Paradise
Caught in a sensual storm as the effects of Dave’s familiar kiss flooded through her body just as Ethan’s tongue tortured her tightened nipples, Tiffany made a desperate sound in the back of her throat.  These two powerful men were all hers for the night.  That single thought was enough to make her pussy convulse.  “I need to cum,” she whimpered between frantic kisses.  “Ethan, David, please,” she begged, desperately tangling her fingers in their hair and tugging.  “Please, boys!  Let me cum!”

Turning his heated gaze on Ethan, Dave smirked.  “What do you say, Sweet Thing?  Do we wanna give this lovely lady the cock she’s begging for?”

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One Night With Him by K.S. Smith COVER REVEAL

Reagan Larson has been dealt her fair share of tragedy, but each time she has come out on top.  Her heart is callused, but she still has hope. She may be the last one of her sorority sisters to still be single, but she knows Mr. Right is out there. Reagan is ready to move forward with her life when the time is right, or so she thinks, unfortunately when love is staring her straight in the face she keeps finding ways to hide from it.

The last thing Cole Conrad is looking for is commitment.  He is set in his bachelor ways and has no intentions of leaving them.  Having any woman he desires at his fingertips is how he has always lived. Cole is used to playing by his rules, until he meets Reagan Larson, and for the first time -after what had to have been one of his most fulfilling evenings with a woman- he wakes up feeling alone and used.

K.S. Smith is a twenty seven year old aspiring new contemporary romance author with her debut novel, One Night With Him releasing this fall.  When she is not writing you will most likely find her nose in a book, spending time with her family and friends or dedicating her time to the military through her favorite non-profit organization.  

K.S. Smith was born and raised in Tampa, FL and continues to build her life there in her new home with her boyfriend of ten years who will hopefully one day put all book boyfriends to shame with an out of this world proposal.

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Whispers of Darkness by Rachel M Raithby COVER REVEAL

All Lexia ever wanted was to graduate from high school and leave Deadwood. Now she’d give anything to have her old life back.
Her father was murdered and her best friend, Alice kidnapped, with the help of Lincoln; the panther shifter she’s fallen in love with, they rescue Alice. But rescuing her wasn’t as easy as first thought and Lexia and Lincoln barely made it out alive.
Lexia met her mother; the mother she thought had left her as a baby. But when the secrets unravel, Lexia learns who she really is.
Her mother created her and she was created for one purpose only...
Follow Lexia as she runs from her mother and the army of Hunters at her command.
Can Lexia fight the darkness within her?
Can she have the ‘happily ever after’ she craves?
Only one thing is certain; sacrifices will be made and lives will be lost...

Author Bio
Rachel was born and raised in N.E, England before moving to New Zealand in 2008.  She now lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband, two children and the family dog and horse. 
When Rachel isn’t writing you’ll find her reading or running around after her children, she has an addiction to clothes, shoes and all things girly.
Lexia is the first book in the Deadwood Hunter series and Whispers of Darkness#2 will be released in December. She is also working on a YA Fantasy novel and the last in the Deadwood Hunter Series.
Rachel would love to hear from you, you can find her at or email

If you would like to post the details from Lexia (Book 1) then here’s the info, use as much or little as you’d like, Thanks!
When Lexia sneaks out one night to go to a party, she hardly expects to be attacked by vampires. Much less be able to kill them with her bare hands.
That night triggers events Lexia can't escape and soon she struggles to keep up a facade around her friends and family.
And then there's Lincoln; she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But Lexia senses he wants something more dangerous than a simple romance.
Lincoln has secrets and what she learns changes her life forever.
A story of love, loss, and, betrayal.
Only one thing is certain, Lexia’s life will never be the same again...

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Tattoos and Tangles by Melinda di Lorenzo TEASER


coming to kindle, october 28th, 2013



What the reviewers are saying:

Tattoos and Tangles manages to be original in a genre that rarely is...
- Shelley B.

The author did an excellent job of drawing me into the story, showing the darker side of the club and bar scene, making me care about the main characters, and holding me spellbound. 
- Robena G.

Tattoos and Tangles had me leaving my dishes and laundry for hours of endless nail biting moments and wide eyes... 
- Margarita R.

With each page, I needed to know what happened next, and every twist and turn was unexpected.
 - Sharon R.

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Second Chance at Love by Tara Paradise COVER REVEAL!!!!



Smart, sexy and spirited, Brooke Cates is the type of woman every man dreams of.
But Brooke has already found the man of her dreams – tall, dark and ruggedly handsome cowboy Logan MacKenna. Once young and in love, they never imagined that a devastation betrayal would lead them down different paths. Now, when tragedy strikes, Brooke must return to her hometown of Angel Ridge, Montana. Once there, she is forced to deal with old hurts when Logan tries to make her remember the past she has chosen to forget.
Logan MacKenna can have any woman he wants, but his heart has been reserved for Brooke since they shared their very first kiss.
Time and distance have done nothing to change that. When chance random encounters abound, it’s as if fate is pushing them together, and Brooke decides that she doesn’t want to fight the undeniable sexual tension that exists between them. When it’s played its course, she will simply go back to her life. But Logan has no intention of letting her walk away from him a second time.
Will Brooke be able to put her fears aside and trust in Logan enough to give him back her heart?
And if they succeed in rekindling their love, can their new relationship withstand the force of Brooke’s longtime secret, one that could tear them apart for good this time?


He didn't know if he'd misread the signals. He didn't think so. Only one way to find out, he thought. Logan came up behind her, pressing his body firmly against hers. She felt one hand cover her hip, while the other reached up to brush the dark mass of hair away from her neck. His movements were slow, deliberate. The pressure of his fingers on her hip intensified as he trailed soft, whisper-like kisses across the nape of her neck, and down to her shoulder. He couldn't say why exactly, but the sudden tremble he felt course through her gave him the tiniest bit of satisfaction. She turned, breaking contact between their bodies for only a few brief seconds. Oh yeah, this is exactly where I want her, Logan thought. Pressed against him, her breath catching softly in her throat and her body humming, she was his to do with as he pleased. He placed both hands on her hips and held her there. He massaged gently, yet deeply, and Brooke could do nothing else but give in and accept the wonderful sensation of his highly skilled hands on her body. Her own hands came up to rest lightly against the broad expanse of his chest. The hard muscle beneath her fingers thrilled her. She loved the feel of him. She always had. His lips, warm and seductive, continued their assault down the long, slender column of her throat. Her skin was so tender there. He changed direction, working his way toward her ear. When he caught the sensitive flesh of her lobe gently between his teeth, a low, husky moan escaped her lips. God, that feels so good. Brooke heard the words echo through her head, over and over, until she could think of nothing else beyond that moment.  

Meet Tara

Author Pic
My name is Tara and I am a wife, mother, lifelong reader, and author of Contemporary Romance fiction. I live in beautiful Upstate New York in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, on Great Sacandaga Lake.
I've been reading romance novels since I first picked up one of my mother's paperbacks at the age of 16, and writing since I could first hold a pencil. I have always had a vivid imagination and I love creating characters and stories that readers can fall in love with. My debut novel, entitled Second Chance at Love (Book One of The MacKenna Born & Bred Trilogy), is the stormy, sexy and sweet story of Logan and Brooke and I can't wait to share it with you.
I have many goals, and one of them is to visit Italy with my amazing husband, Matthew, whose family comes from the Old Country. I have two sons ~ Braden, 10 and Jordan, 9, who are the loves of my life. They are very bright and very clever and keep me on my toes! In my spare time (what is that, really?!), I enjoy spending time with friends and family.

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BENT by H.B. Heinzer-New COVER REVEAL!!!!


Congratulations to H.B. Heinzer for having "Bent" picked up by Montlake Publishing

New Cover

Heinzer_Bent_Final_FrontCover Add to Goodreads


If there’s one thing Julia Wilson has learned in life, it’s that you can’t push your own dreams to the background for anyone. Newly divorced, Julia returns to the hometown she once swore would never see her again. Her plan is simple; enjoy the cheap rent her friend is offering and stay just long enough to develop a plan to make her own dreams come true. It doesn't take long before Julia realizes she’s made a big mistake. Micah Anderson came closer to breaking Julia than anyone else ever had. After promising her forever, he broke her heart the week before she left for college. Now, Julia’s back in town and he’s going to have to tell her the truth about why he left her. It’s not possible to hide a twelve year old child when you live in a town of 5,000 people. Is following her dreams worth it if it means giving up on a second chance with her first love? Is trying to make a relationship work worth it if his past becomes a threat to her safety?

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The air around them crackled with anticipation as they silently walked to the living room. She sat on the couch and invited him to sit next to her. Micah removed his boots and pulled her from her seat. Once he was lying on the couch, he pulled Julia down to him, and she sank in between him and the back of the couch. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, legs intertwined. Some time later, she felt Micah stir beneath her. Without hesitation, she brushed his jaw with her lips. A low groan fell from Micah’s mouth as she trailed kisses from the edge of his goatee to the tender hollow below his ear. She pulled her head back to take in the serene look on his face as helay with his eyes closed. Micah sighed again, pulling Julia onto his chest as he shifted to his back. The full body contact sentshockwaves straight to Julia’s core. It had been years since such simple movements caused this type of reaction within her. She brushed the hair from Micah’s face and continued to deliverfeatherlight kisses across his forehead, then one to the tip of his nose. Her breath caught when she saw the longing in Micah’s eyes. The moment she brought her lips to his, the passion exploded. He gently bit her lower lip before sliding the tip of his tongue to meet hers. When she didn’t resist, he allowed his tongue to explore more, tenderly sweeping around hers before he felt her gently sucking his tongue deeper into her mouth. Micah’s calloused hands reached under Julia’s shirt, caressing her sides. Her back arched as she felt his thumbs slide over the top of her cotton bra. “You’re going to have to tell me when it’s too much,” Micah groaned through staggered breaths. “I’ve waited so long to touch you again, I won’t be the one to say no.” As he placed gentle kisses at the corners of her mouth, Julia whispered, “I’m not saying no either.” She tugged at the hem of his T-shirt, needing to feel his bare skin against hers. Micah shifted their bodies so he could sit up without breaking their embrace. Before leaning back on the couch, he slid his hands up her back to unclasp her bra. Julia leaned back as he slid the straps from hershoulders, allowing him to take in the sight of her swollen breasts. Micah kissed and nipped his way down Julia’s neck to her chest until he slowly took one taut nipple into his mouth. She moaned as his tongue teased his way around the sensitive tip. In anticipation, her panties were drenched. There would be time for taking it slow later. Right now, she needed him. Julia hurriedly worked on the stud on Micah’s jeans, “Do you still carry one … in your … wallet?” she whispered between deep kisses. Micah nodded in confirmation, and Julia reached under him. Micah sat on the couch with Julia straddled across his lap. “Baby, not here …” She swallowed hard at his words. “I swear, I’ll kill you if you stop now,” Julia warned. She was past the point of no return.  

Meet H.B.

With the exception of three years spent in the middle of Nebraska, H.B. Heinzer has called southern Wisconsin home. During that time in Nebraska, she imagined one of her favorite authors living on the far western edge of the county, just south of the highway. At the time, becoming a novelist was a distant dream for her. Now, she is the author living in that location. Ironically, she later found out that same favorite author lives just outside the town HB lived in for the first eighteen years of her life. Now, HB lives in the middle of nowhere but still close enough to the city to not feel isolated. It's the perfect place to let her two kids run and explore their huge yard, teach them about the food chain as they prepare their first-ever garden and debate building a chicken coop. It's one of those dreams that is only possible thanks to the amazing opportunities that have come through writing.  

Social Media Links

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False Start by Lila Felix COVER REVEAL

Rex has firsthand knowledge of how love can rip a person to shreds. How it can swallow a person whole, leaving them gasping for air, and dying a lonely person. He watched his mother give everything she had to his father and then she died, too weak and frail to continue on. His father, the deranged man who could barely feed himself—taking care of him left a permanent crease on Rex's heart. He swears he can still hear his pleas for help in his sleep. Nothing can give him solace from the painful memories.

Except this girl.

Hayes is a constant and consistent optimist. She's witnessed her mother and father’s almost perfect marriage and taken it as an example of what she wants. But she can’t seem to find a guy who is sincere. She’s dated them all— snake-in-the-grass jerks, straight-up commitment-phobes, fakes and phonies alike. They all fit her perfect dream on the outside, but when the relationship gets to the nitty gritty, they all crumble like stale bread. 
Unable to find a better man, she settles for nothing instead, wondering if a man who treats her right could even exist. With perfect parents and a team name like I Kilda Girl, that man would have a lot to live up to.

Until this boy.

When she sees a rugged, tattooed guy who shows up at all the derby bouts, she wonders if chasing the bad boy might just be right.

Finding You by S.K. Hartley-Blog Tour

Finding You Cover


'I will always take care of you'
My pain started when I was just ten years old, it was the day my mom got that dreaded phone call. Life has never been the same.... 'I will always protect you' I am all kinds of broken.... I have known Logan White since forever, he is my brothers best friend and my secret protector. I used to have nightmares that drew me into a dark place and when the nightmares got too much, Logan was by my side. The nightmares are few and far between now, but my life is centered around the tragedy of my past. Logan is the definition of 'man whore', with girls lining around the block to drop their panties at the click of his fingers. But after an unexpected moment things change. Now Logan is somebody else; hot, sexy and so damn delicious and I want to know him. Desperately. But then there is Angel Walker who is far from the angelic nature of his name, with eyes so hypnotic that I lose my inhabitation’s just by staring into them. But he is a broken man who just screams sin. He doesn't want to protect me or care for me, He just wants me. Do I want the man who can cut through all of my pain or the man who could cause me more? Fists will fly, hearts will shatter and desire will be fueled.  

Buy Now

Finding You Cover


Ten white petals... Thud. One yellow centre... Thud. One...thud. Two...thud. Three...thud. I can feel hands around my throat, my breathing becoming shallow as I try to scream on the inside, not knowing if my own nightmare filled with the demons of my past will kill me while I sleep. My heartbeat roaring as it pounded relentlessly, leaving a ringing sensation in my ears. The smell of antiseptic so potent against my nostrils suddenly hit me, it was so strong that I could taste it in the back of my throat. The pressure around my neck slackened enough for me to get my bearings, I was back on the bridge again, pinned to the wooden slabs by someone or something I couldn't see nor describe. There was no where to go, I was trapped on the bridge that lead to no where, keeping me forever in the darkness, never to see the light again. I could taste the fear in my throat drowning out the antiseptic, I could feel my fear pouring into my gut as my body absorbed it, it was in my bones, in my soul. The fear in the air caused me to look back at demon above me, a black and smoky silhouette figure towering over my tiny frame, I could never make out who or what the demon was, but I knew I should fear it. The grip around my neck tightened once more, my hands trying to reach for anything to help free me, but there was nothing, there was always nothing. I could see the bridge clearly but I could never feel it against my skin, just the subconscious pressure of it against my back, a mixture of pressure and the feeling of floating. “Stop, please. No!” I wanted to scream but my vision was becoming blurred as my head swam with weightlessness. Images projected against the dark shadow of the demon above me, a car severely damaged, flashing blue lights and screaming, organized chaos. I thought I was going to die, I was ready just to let go, but I never died in my nightmares, I just hung on the edge, the demon making me remember. Suddenly the nightmare slowly started to release me, the twisted dark depths of my past slowly fading into a painful reminder of what was cruelly taken, what I would never get back. heart slamming against my chest. throat constricting tightly. lungs burning with every breath. Thud. Thud. Thud. My lids were heavy, so heavy that I didn't think I could open my eyes. "Come back to me" A familiar soothing voice wrapped around around my mind, trying to release me of my own painful imprisonment. I tried desperately to speak to the voice, wanting them to pull me out from the torture that held me captive within my own mind, my tongue heavy and my mouth dry. My skin becoming saturated with sweat, my toes curling as if in pain, my heart heavy with unrelenting sadness. The light was almost to much to bare as I finally managed to open my eyes, squinting as the light penetrated my pupils, burning right through me. There was a figure above me once more, but it wasn't dark and twisted like the demons in my nightmares, it was home. I'm home.

Meet S.K. Hartley

Author Pic
S.K. Hartley is a mother, wife, avid reader and writer based in the not so sunny North West of England. You can find her either glued to her computer desk, in the library (yes they still exist) or floating around her favorite authors book signings!
What sort of except do authors usually post? IE. sex scenes, love scenes....


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Tattoos & Tangles

HTML Online Editor Sample



Tattoos and Tangles, a heart pounding Romantic Suspense novel by 
Melinda A. Di Lorenzo
What the readers are saying so far!
 - This book is fanf***ingtastic!
 - Love LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
 - John may be dangerous...but that's sooo sexy!

After years of heartache, Cass is ready to begin a new life. She’s free of the man who brought her financial and emotional ruin, and she’s healing from the loss of her sister. But she never thought her new life would begin with a tattooed stranger who turns her world upside down.

For six months, John’s been living only to find his brother’s murderer, and he’s getting close. He won’t let anything or anyone get in his way. Until a beautiful woman walks out of a tattoo parlor and straight into the sights of his most-hated rival.

When John rescues Cass from a near kidnapping, the attraction between them is as immediate as it is surprising. John will do anything to keep Cass safe, but as they run for their lives, they discover that what’s in their past connects them as surely as the danger closing in on them.


About the author


Melinda loves pasta and a happily ever after. So she married a handsome Italian man in hopes of getting a little of both every day.  She hates housework, and uses her kids and her writing to avoid it at all costs.  When she writes, she likes to put in just enough reality to make her readers think, "Hey, that could be me!" and just enough of the fantastic to make them add, "Hey, I wish that WAS me!"
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cherry Tart by Scarlett Jade

Cherry Kilgore is a plus sized beauty who moonlights at a strip club and goes by the name Tart. She dances to have control over her body and chase away her demons, hiding behind a mask, the only thing that makes her feel free. She loves 'em and leaves 'em, never letting a man get too close. Until she meets a man one night that strips her bare with his electric green eyes.

Kellan Morgan is a playboy with a good heart, who loves a woman with real curves.

When he figures out that the woman hiding under her mask is worth revealing, he decides to play her game... A game that is full of pleasure, pain, going the distance and finally getting the ultimate prize...

Realizing that love can truly be found in the darkest of places

Reviewed by Natalie

Cherry Tart

Cherry Kilgore doesn’t take shit from anyone especially the opposite sex. She has vibrant red hair and curves to die for. Cherry has been heart broken and been the heart breaker. She decided to go back to dancing but much different from what she has done before to get her self-confidence back after being humiliated at the age of 18 by her first love. Her best friend Trace is the one that knows her secrets and helps her by letting her dance at his club The Strip Tease. With a name like that I bet you can’t get what kind of club it is? She is the best stripper that he has with her curves and all. The men love to watch her and get mesmerized by the sway of her hips and wonder about the face hidden behind the mask that she wears every night.  When Cherry feels strong about something she gives it her all and that is all she has ever wanted in return. Kellan Morgan is tall and handsome with killer green eyes. When he walk into the The Strip Tease he doesn’t realize his life is about to change the second he lays eyes on the beautiful curvy red head behind the mask. Kellan wants to get to know the mysterious Cherry Tart but she’s not the type to let a man in and take control. Can Kellan and Cherry find their Happy Ever After? If you want to find out the read the hot Cherry Tart.

Reviewed by Ty

An erotica love story, elegantly written. It isn't filled with filth and trash. Cherry Tart has the perfect balance of sex, lust, and love. 

What I loved about Cherry Tart was it was written in third person, and I had read 25% before I realized that....usually books written in third person are difficult for me to connect with. Not Cherry Tart. Cherry Tart was very well written, flowed well and was exciting. The sex between Cherry and Kellan was HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!! 

But that was the downfall for me. I didn't understand their connection other than sex. Cherry had walls built up due to being hurt in the past and Kellan was a playboy. They didn't really have much time together other than two hot steamy nights of sex. So when did they fall in love, why did they fall in love? The falling in love and proposing all rushed relationship just didn't make sense to me. Had the book been longer, with more time for Kellan and Cherry to establish a true relationship, I'd probably given this a 5★.


Author Interview

What inspires your writing? Everything inspires me but the biggest thing has to be music. I hear a lyric and my mind can create a scene or a feeling almost instantly. 

When writing, do your characters dominate the way your story is written? Sometimes they want to have their way with me, but I have to rein them in. I let a character have her way and ended up cutting 38K words from a book because it just didn't work. 

Does your personal life reflect at all in any of your writing? Absolutely. I put myself in all of my books, there is a little bit of my life in each one, a memory, a feeling, an emotion. 

When you were a little girl, what was your dream career? When I was a little girl I wanted to be a doctor. Pediatrician or Geriatrics, specifically. 

If you could change one thing in the Indie World, what would it be, and why? I'd change some of the cattiness. I'd love for everyone to get along, I make it my goal to be friendly. If you need something shared, I'm your girl! 

“If all you can give me is your body, I’ll do anything I can  to win your heart until it is mine as well”
“I finally feel alive. You brought color into my world”
“You want to play games, my sweet little Cherry Tart? We’ll play games. How bad do you want it?”
“I’m ready for you, too. Let me put my hot rice on your plate.”, “Oh, Baby, I love when you talk dirty to me.”
“Kellan ,I don’t attempt seduction. I succeed at it.”
‘Cherry caught the button of his Levi’s between her fingers and popped it loose, the slow rasp of his zipper sliding down exciting her further’

About Scarlett Jade

Lover of chocolate, sexy, sweet men, and coffee, lots of coffee. Amazon Bestselling Author of Beautiful Downfall and September Tango.

1)      I have two tattoos with several more planned.
2)      I love to sing and do so often (I'm sure my neighbors hate me.)
3)      I will burst into random song and dance in public.
4)      I am dyslexic in a dirty way... I read things that are innocent and they become naughty. Makes for interesting road trips.
5)      I have no filter. If I think of something, it usually comes out.
6)      I have always wanted to be an exotic dancer.
7)      I only like the cookie part of a Twix.
8)      My guilty pleasure is really good dark chocolate.
9)      Ed Sheeran makes my ovaries explode. This is a medical fact! :P
10)   I listen to Eminem when I write.
11)   I've danced on a bar.
12)   My ultimate goal is to take my husband and kid to Europe for a vacation and open a big old building and take care of people who are down on their luck.
13)   My favorite flower is a pink rose.
14)   I hate bats. When I was a kid my dad hit one and it stuck in our windshield wiper blade and stared at me until we could get home and my dad could get rid of it. Terrified for life.
15)   My husband was my first real kiss.
16)   I really like the word fuck.
17)   I have worn glasses since I was nine when I pretended I needed them because I thought they were cool. Now I really do.
18)   I dye my hair red because I think it's feisty and sexy. A friend convinced me to do it.
19)   My motto is, “Life is too short and tomorrow isn't promised.”
20)   I grew up being forced to be modest and quiet. I kind of hit my rebellious phase in my twenties.
21)   I'm loud. Really, really loud.
22)   My signature drink is pink lemonade and blue raspberry vodka.
23)   Christmas is my favorite holiday. Everyone is just a better version of themselves then. Wish we acted that way all the time.
24)   I love to cook and bake.

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