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Homewrecker by Cat Mason and Katheryn Kiden *~* MISTY'S REVIEW*~*

Authors: Cat Mason & Katheryn Kiden
Genre: Taboo Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 29, 2015
Publisher: Fidem Publishing
My name is Kennedy Brooks and you're not going to like me. Chances are you may even hate me, and that's okay, there are times I do too. I had choices, we all do, the ones that I made changed everything. Before I knew it, the lines of right and wrong began to blur and I was consumed so deeply that I couldn't see a way out even if I wanted to. The path I chose is not for the faint of heart, it isn't always sweet, but it's real. What happens when all the things you have always wanted suddenly aren't all you want anymore? What do you do when the forbidden screams your name and both parts of your life become as vital as the air you breathe? You make a choice. This is my story.

Unconventional Bliss!!!  Homewrecker will pull you in and make you think outside the relationship box all while making you blush scarlet!  Imagine the perfect filthy talking Alpha Male AND the sweet and savory Boy Next Door at the same time literally.

It's the typical small town circle of friends romance. Gunnar and Kennedy have known each other practically their entire lives and tied the knot ten years ago. Gunnar to Kennedy is comfortable, safe, and lately it's becoming evident, he is boring.  Ignoring the "elephant" in the room they both live life mechanically, same routine everyday, being married, making sweet love (unsatisfying to Kennedy) and hanging with three other people in their circle of friends that have become family. Lyndsey is the outspoken spitfire obsessed with sex and owner of "Batteries Not Included" ( best store name ever), the adult fun store which just so happens to employ Kennedy and Mark, who we think is gay; however  there is specific attraction to one female, Lyndsey.  Dixon Hale, be still my heart, rounds out the circle of friends. The filthy mouthed, super hot, alpha male and Firefighter whom was raised by Gunnar's dad after his parents passed, is just hot.

Working in a store named "Batteries Not Included" spikes the curiosity in Kendall as she quickly realizes she needs more from her sweet loving husband. More than sweet caresses, she needs to be desired, to be pushed to the edge. Trying to approach the topic with Gunnar, whom seems to be distracted with his professional success being named Head Coach for the High School Football Team,  (small town USA, this is a big deal, football coach = celebrity status)  isn't open to trying anything new.  Hoping to slowly insert more spice into their sex life he abruptly shuts Kennedy down.  Being more on the curvy side Kennedy already has body issues and being turned down by her husband doesn't help.  It's a constant struggle in her mind and Kennedy fights the battle of "not being good enough".  Afterglow mother knows best and that is what her mother has preached since day one add Gunnar's reluctance and insecurities are at an all time high.

It's often said you find exactly what you've been missing at the strangest time and in the strangest place. Enter Dixon Hale, best friend practically brother to Gunnar.  After being left at the alter during a wedding he was only using to avoid what he thought was unrequited love, he vows to never get close to a woman, nicknaming himself "The Tin Man" , Dix loves them and leaves them by the dozen all while watching the woman he loves with someone else.  Then one drunken night ignites a flame that even this Firefighter can't contain.

One night, a ride home and the ride of her life opens up a piece of Kennedy that she has been hiding or never knew she had. One hot night with the Firefighter and she finally feels alive, alive and utterly guilty.  Who is this woman that cheats? Who is this woman that needs to be loved hard and pushed to her limits it seems only Dixon can reach? One time, one time is a mistake more than once is a choice.The choice is made as neither Kennedy nor Dixon can be satisfied with one time, they enter into a physical relationship that takes hot to another level.

Kennedy realizes she loves two men, Gunnar growing suspicious of his wife's behavior and Dixon pushing Kennedy away because he refuses to hurt his brother anymore leads to several tense moments culminating when Dixon confesses his love to Kennedy. Confessing that he has loved her for so long he just did so from afar thinking he'd never have a chance with her and after this confession he pushes her out of his life leaving Kennedy devastated and hoping to preserve what relationship he has left with the guy he grew up with.

In a small town nothing stays secret very long and when this spicy gem gets out, things get more than interesting.  Now that Gunnar knows the cause for his wife's sullen mood, he confronts both to reaffirm his suspicions.  A couple bloody noses, a split up marriage, a destroyed friendship and a crying mess later sex obsessed best friend to Kennedy, Lyndsey, conspires to get Gunnar and Dixon in the same room so she can discuss some "unconventional" solutions for their romantic triangle.  They must think outside the norm.

Loving each other unconditionally, Gunnar, Kennedy and Dixon enter into a relationship as a threesome.  While not the typical solution by societal standards it's the best solution for a woman who needs both men to feel whole.   Cue some of the hottest bedroom scenes these eyes have read.  This trio being together brings out the best in each other, Gunnar becomes more alpha and demanding in the bedroom, Dixon becomes more emotionally charged and soft and sensual. Kennedy has hit the love making jackpot with the combination of these two.  Of course pursuing what is more than likely the first relationship of this type in this small community will be no easy feat.  All three be strong and be able to accept scrutiny from those who like to judge, it must be decided if this love is worth the judgement that may come their way.

If you like toe curling bedroom scenes, along with a back porch scene that makes me blush just thinking about it still, Homewrecker has to be on your TBR.  Although unconventional it's nice to read about a HEA taking place in the most unlikely situation.

About the Authors
  Cat Mason is thirty years old and a mother to three children. She was born and raised in Granite City, Illinois which is just across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, Missouri. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and children. Previously publishing Contemporary Romance under her real name, until she decided to lose the filter and let it all hang out. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or spending time with her friends and family.
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Kathryn Kiden is the author of Where Words Fail (book 1 in the Save Me Series), Freeing Tuesday (book 2 in the Save Me Series) and Hate Me Today (book 3 in the Save Me Series)    
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